Love Your Nails : Review – Swatches 

Now I’m really really excited about this nailpolishes

As a Muslim woman I need to pray 5 times a day, and each time I pray I need to perform  ablution  (wudu) this involves washing the hands and the water must touch the nail beds in order to cleanse them !!

A BIG … shoutout to LYN Nail-polish ❤

LYN (Love Your Nails) NAIL POLISH, A UAE based company that has created a nail polish that is permeable to water & air , which means For me it’s a win win !!! ❤


109 Wine Not
This is a stunner, 
So flattering, vibrant, smart-looking & sophisticated wine red, it would probably look great on just about any skin tone out there. Try it if you haven’t!

033 Birthday Suit
Absolutely fell in love with this polish This is a perfect polish to add to your nail arsenal! i love Nude NailPolish ❤

206 Spicy,Sassy, Saucy
It is so smooth, classy and regal on the nails. I love the name as well,its kinda neon-y red, a prefect attention grabber 😉

800 You’re Blue-Tiful

I just  love love love  this color. A great color for summer . It’s a light pastel baby blue color… Slightly streaky, but the 2nd coat covers it up 🙂

There are 26 colours in addition to the top coat and matte finish, so 28 in total.and they’re a lot of fun to play with.
I think would be flattering on any skin tone. The formula is easy to work with. I used two coats to get the intensity 

Overall, I think this nail polish is really quite good, and I am definitely going to wear it.Not only is the formulation natural and free from many chemicals, but the colors are beautiful & saturated..& I can  definitely stare at it for a long time. LoL 

For more information on LYN nailpolishes,
Please check out their 

Instagram: lyncommunity

Priced for 49 AED (Each)

What do you think about halal nailpolishes?? 


5 thoughts on “Love Your Nails : Review – Swatches 

  1. Salam sister

    I did a lot of research on halal nail polishes including LYN. I performed the experiment with their nail polish on a paper napkin and it failed 5 times. It’s similar to the H2M nail polish who also claim they are halal. You can go on YouTube and check as many sisters posted their experiments as well. When I approached LYN and told them about the experiments they asked me to seek another brand if I’m not convinced. I found that outrageous! Anyways it seems that the only nail polish that does allow water to pass to the nails is Tuesday In Love. Which doesn’t last that long but it’s good especially when u have a wedding or an outing and you wanna look good. This is my conclusion and I find it terrifying than women use H2M and LYN during prayer days. If you did do the experiment yourself and it worked please post a video or share your findings. best wishes, Maha

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    1. WalaikumSalam, oh really!! Thanks alot for bringing this to my attention, I’ll definitely check out the video and do some research!!! jazakAllah❤️


  2. There is also another point which is iffy. I bought Dhs. 344 worth of LYN water permeable nail polish from Juice Spa Salon in Dubai. It was a waste of money. It failed my test on a napkin as well.

    Research on the net showed me that the nail polish LYN stands for Live Your Now an Indian brand sold in Juice Salons. Then there is LYN which stands for Love Your Nails a French brand. Which one is water permeable? Which one is which brand? Both their logos look the same – one is bold print and the other isn’t.

    Juice Spa Salon showed me their Halal Certification which did not mention water permeability. Halal can mean no haram ingredients, that’s all.

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