My experience with LVL lash treatment

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We all see gorgeous girls around with beautiful long natrual lashes wondering how on earth they got it like that!?? Right ??

Well, we have the answer now –
Lvl is a lash treatment that gives you the look of longer lashes without applying any false lashes / extensions

The perfect treatment for ladies who love the idea of thick, fluttering lashes without the effort of extensions that
will have everyone wondering…what’s her secret?
Standing for Length, Volume & Lift, LVL is the latest treatment trend that will give your lashes some
serious oomph, by lifting at the root to create the effect of a longer, thicker flutter. The treatment involves
a ‘Lifting Balm’ that is gently applied followed by a tint and moisturising serum to lock in moisture and instantly nourish. Close your eyes and drift off into lash-heaven whilst our talented technicians go to work,you can rest easy knowing that you are one step closer to gorgeous natural lashes.
With absolutely no maintenance, this fuss-free treatment gives you the perfect party look that can last up to two months. Kiss mascara goodbye and have your no-makeup days looking better than ever. LVL Lashes are available across all branches for an introductory price of AED300 “”

My experience with LVL LASH TREATMENT was amazing..

Before I had the LVL treatment done, I had very short, straight eyelashes (not at all attractive)I can barely see it..

This treatment is a life and time saver for ladies like me , who want to wake up looking beautiful and save that extra minutes for curling/mascara & applying false lashes !!

Analyn technician from Tips & Toes(golden mile branch) did an amazing job
Session took around 45 minutes and I was so relaxed that nearly fall a sleep.

Absolutely love it, Now my own eyelashes are much longer, thicker , darker and curlier. & no longer have to worry about using mascara for my natural makeup looks
Tips & toes is one of my favorite salon in UAE .For nails, treatments and lash extensions.. I must say they are very professional & amazing..

I highly recommend LVL treatment if you want you own lashes to work for you !

So light and natural, simply brilliant that lasts up to 6-8 weeks

For the first 24 hours you’ve to be careful
And not allow the water to come in contact with lashes.
No – eye makeup
No – steam/sauna or swimming
& Do not rub your eyes

Price 300 aed
Location : Tips & Toes Golden Mile Branch

My experience with Cup Kiss Massage 

I’m usually up for any ancient adventure when it comes to trying new treatments at the spa/salon

~Cupping massage is an ancient Chinese form of alternative medicine in which a therapist puts special cups on your skin for a few minutes to create suction. People get it for many purposes, including to help with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and well-being, and as a type of deep-tissue massage.

It’s no secret that massage can relax you and make you feel good mentally & of course physically. But massage has more benefits than you probably realize.

Benefits :
> Lower stress
> reduce cellulite 
> help relieve migraine
> helps with muscle pain ,inflammation & stiffness
> encouraging blood flow
> maintains younger looking skin 
> removes excess toxins and fluids ( to feel less bloated )
> and much more…………….

Cup kiss Massage can help you maintain flexibility by working the muscles, connective tissue, and by stimulating the production and retention of the natural lubricants..

It involves deep, full body massage that progresses from feet towards upper body and concentrates on the trigger points

I tried it out and Professional massage therapist did a great job working out all the knots in my back , neck and shoulders. Special silicone cups (for certain areas of the body) were placed on me to create suction.It was a firm enough medium type pressure that I felt tension being released without being in any pain/bruising.

I like a bit of firmness, so this was perfect for me. I was fully relaxed after my 90 minute session
*Don’t be afraid to tell your therapist if you’d like more or less pressure
I felt completely refreshed at my first visit , i love this place and the ambience because it makes me feel like I am on a luxurious staycation for few hours

A full spa menu including manicures, pedicures, facials and body treatments are also available.
If you had a long day then The Tips & toes cupkiss massage will set you up for an afternoon of relaxation.
I highly recommend this ancient massage at least once in a month to pamper your body & soul :*

Price: AED 275 for 90-minute
Contact: 349 2918

What do you think ?? Do give it a try !!! 😉



Guerlain Happy Rosy Glow presents four limited edition pieces that are all about boosting a natural, rosy glow,
Everything  in this collection looks  pretty, Spring colors and the packaging is TDF !!

  • Meteorites Happy Glow Pearls

    Boost your radiance and your mood with Guerlain Meteorites Happy Glow Pearls, a limited edition collector’s item that celebrates 30 years of Meteorites.

    The ideal finishing touch to your makeup look, Meteorites Happy Glow Pearls offers your skin an ultra-natural finish with a supernatural glow. It works to balance the colour of your complexion whilst enhancing radiance, combining four different shades that give skin a luminous boost.

    The largest ‘Rainbow Glow’ pearls give skin an incandescent multicoloured shimmer, while the other three shades provide specific colour correcting benefits: champagne brightens and reflects light, mauve counteracts yellow tones, and pink refreshes the complexion with a touch of brightness.

    Swirl a large brush over the pearls and then apply to the high points of your face. For an all-over glow, buff over the entire complexion.

    My thoughts :
    The packaging is beautiful and the smell is wonderful.excellent for those who don’t want a “made up” face, just a luminous flush of color.

    *Keep in mind this is not a highlighter, it is not a setting powder, or a bronzer it is a radiance powder that leaves you well illuminated.
    no glaring glitter particles or powdery, cakey pigment buildup.

  • Meteorites Happy Glow Blush

    Light-Sculpting Compacted Pearls Of Powder:

    Radiate happiness with the Guerlain Meteorites Happy Glow Blush, a 2-in-1 blush and highlighter that brings incandescence to your complexion.

    Created to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Guerlain’s iconic Meteorites, this limited edition collector’s item combines colour and radiance with the convenience of a pressed compact format for cheeks that flush with a youthful glow.

    The combination of three different pressed pearls in the Meteorites Happy Glow Blush include ‘Rainbow Glow’ pearls that deliver an ethereal multicoloured shimmer, pink pearls to add freshness to the complexion, and fuchsia pearls to revive your flush. Your complexion has never looked so radiant!

    Apply to the apples of your cheeks to create a happy glow.

    My Thoughts:
    This blush is super sheer and easy to apply.. It goes on light, just as it is supposed to. It has a nice shimmer with pinks The finish is beautiful and doesn’t look like powder on your face.

  • Météorites Brush

    Perfectly apply your Meteorites Pearls finishing powder with the Guerlain Meteorites Brush.
    Full, round and supple, the Meteorites Brush turns every application of powder into a moment of pleasure. The specifically designed brush head has longer, softer natural bristles which are designed to pick up the exact amount of powder needed and dress the skin in one celestial swish.
    The brush recalls some of the most beautiful objects from Guerlain, with bristles the shade of a delicate macaron and a shiny, pure white handle encircled with festoons,.

    My thoughts :
    The brush is high quality and looks super adorable ,  It is very soft and dense, I use it for all over powder or for blending my blush and contour Powder in to give it a natural look.
    Not a necessity, but a nice luxury to have. 😉


  • Guerlain KissKiss Lipstick
     564 Pearly Pink and 565 Blossom Glow

These lipsticks are Creamy, rich, and totally luxurious…. LOVE LOVE LOVE
The color’s are gorgeous
The formula of this lipsticks are super Moisturizing – not drying at all. Stays on, doesn’t spread or settles on lines,
the perfect pink tones  for when you do a dark smoky eye or just when you want the natural day time  look.

What are your thoughts ?  Please do let me know !!

Much Love
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Guerlain Hoilday collection

Guerlain 2016 Holiday Collection is here to sprinkle some luxurious love on you !!

The Shalimar Collection which was created by Shalimar face & muse Natalia Vodianova in collaboration with the guerlain’s Creative Director, Olivier Echaudemaisondrawing inspiration from Imperial India and one of history’s great love stories,  of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal !!

Guerlain Souffle d’Or de Shalimar – Limited Edition

This one is masterpiece, smells amazing and very royal
It has a very fine glitters and luxurious shimmer that will make your body glow like a charm & Gives my hair a hint of gorgeous delicate scent that lasts all day long .

Natalia’s tip: “As well as on my face and hair, I apply the powder to the backs of my hands and my wrists. That way, a subtle scent is exuded whenever I move my hands.”

Terracotta Terra India – Limited Edition

To ensure that you look naturally sun-kissed,Terracotta Terra India bronzing powder can be used as a bronzer, blush, or an all-over complexion enhancer.
Gives the Right amount of shimmer where the sun hits naturally And the texture is super sheer !!!
“Bronzer you wear in summer is too much for winter, too dark,” says Maxime. A shade with more gold is more flattering for paler skin in cold weather.”

Rouge G Lipstick – Limited Edition –
holiday2016_guerlain002821 Rouge Saphir – bright red

Natalia’s perspective: “The Rouge G jewel case and its integrated mirror have made this lipstick one of my must-have makeup products I always carry in my bag for easy touch-up moments.”

Guerlain Precious Eyeshadows – Limited Edition

Gold and Sapphire

Natalia’s perspective: “For this case, I wanted highly metallic textures for an intense look. I was also inspired in the choice of the colours by precious metals and stones: gold and sapphire.”

Guerlain L’Or Eyeliner – Limited Edition –Sparkling Gold

This eyeliner is bomb, it can glam up any looks using the smallest amount of glitter ✨ The formula is longlasting and slightly waterproof , Just one swipe and your ready to bling!
Its always helpful to have one glitter liner around for any special occasion right??

Natalia’s tip: “Don’t hesitate to apply a stroke of gold eyeliner on top of the eyeshadows in the collection; it really brings out my blue eyes!”

Guerlain Precious Light Illuminator – Limited Edition
•Rose Nacre

Beauty on the go – simply twist the pen, swipe on a small amount on the high points of your cheeks then blend it in using the ring finger , Wallah- it gives the most natural and healthy looking glow to your skin!!

Natalia’s tip: “To illuminate your face, apply this shade to the cheekbones, the outer corner of the eye, the bridge of the nose and the cupid’s bow.”

Guerlain Meteorites Perles de Legende – Limited Edition
img_8625Rosy Pink, Shimmering Gold, Aqua Blue

Vanity Dream , I always wanted to own Guerlain Meteorites pearls just to enhance my beauty room !! Beside that I use this to set my makeup or even blend my blush or bronzer, It reflects light and brightens complexion, creating a soft subtle micro-shimmered glow.

Natalia’s perspective: “I specifically chose these three colours of beads because they remind me of the colours of the mosaics in Indian palaces. The pink pearls enhance the natural colour of the cheeks and the freshness of the complexion; the blue pearls correct an uneven skintone and dark circles; and the gold pearls warm up and illuminate the cheekbones.”

Kiss Kiss Lipstick – Limited Edition
563 Indian Pink

I sometimes use it on my cheekbones to heighten their colour,” says Natalia.

The Guerlain Holiday 2016 Collection has already launched & It is perfect for Holiday gifting season

*Note that the entire collection is limited edition

what do you think about this gorgeous collection ?? Do let me know your thoughts !!




“Velvet lip glide is soft, yet strong. Effortless and intense. Polished and provocative. It encourages you not to compromise. Glide on strength. Go with it. See where it takes you.”—François Nars

“This season, NARS also takes lips to a whole new level with the new Velvet Lip Glide. The new liquid lipstick strikes the perfect balance between softness and strength, coverage and comfort in a full range of colours.Oil Infusion Complex also allows for a smooth-glide effect, instantly delivering saturated colour with sensorial comfort.”

This highly-saturated lip color combines covetable comfort and confident shades in one smooth move. Its wand coats like a lipstick, yet glides on like a gloss. The finish is semi-matte, long-lasting, and non-drying for luscious, vibrant lips. Water lily flowers and white tea extract are infused into this hybrid lip glide for antioxidant protection and ultimate hydration
I was so excited for this new launch by NARS ever since I saw these Velvet Lip Glides on their Instagram account.
All the shades are pretty awesome and fun to play with, choose from – reds, plums, pinks, coral and nude.oh man! I’m drooling!
I totally feel that these shades will suit every skin tones!

The packaging of Velvet Lip glides looks real chic and goes very well with the whole concept!
Formula / Texture:
The formula is between lipstick and lipgloss that is hydrating, richly pigmented,
The finish is not overly glossy but its definitely very creamy , reflective looking and comfortable to wear

The applicator glides easily on the lips and packs good amount of product at a time
that is more like a cream sheen gloss with a non-tacky consistency.
It can be rightly called a liquid lipstick

The most interesting part is the pigmentation.(a makeup freak always asks for decent pigmentation right?? )
Velvet lip glides offers great pigmentation in just ONE swipe that gives lips a plumper, fuller look.. so a big yay !!!!!!

A very wearable, coral-pink kind of shade, which will look extremely flattering for day time fresh makeup look ,A must try shade!

This one had me interested on the very first glance! A very pretty mauvy-rose-pink shade looks good on every makeup look.. a perfect everyday lip shade

Call it love at first sight..the most insanely pigmented and long lasting shade extremely gorgeous, classic red which is utterly creamy. LOVE IT

As The texture is little glossy it cannot stay for insanely long period , it stays for good 2 hours,
After two to three hours, they tend to look more like a natural finish without washing off the color from the lips .

Overall, I absolutely love this, very easy to work with ! If you’re done with your mattes then its high time to get your hands on this , Call It a pigmented cream gloss or a glossy lipstick NARS really nailed it!!

Available in 12 vibrant, richly-pigmented hues.

  • Stripped – beige pink.
  • Mineshaft – poppy red.
  • Unlaced – nude pink.
  • No.54 – raspberry red.
  • Playpen – pink coral.
  • Le Palace – deep cherry red.
  • Bound – rose pink.
  • Unspeakable – garnet.
  • Danceteria – fuchsia.
  • Toy – deep aubergine.
  • La Main Bleue – rich berry.
  • Area – rich chestnut.

“Named after the iconic venues and new attitude that emerged from the sexual revolution of the ‘70’s, Velvet Lip Glide shade names capture the freedom of personal power and play.”

Price : 145 AED

Stay tuned for my review on the new  NARS sclupting DUO …

Much LOVE,

Nars Fall Collection 2016 – Preview / Swatches


The  Fall 2016 Color Collection debuts a refined combination of seasonal shades, signatures colors and state-of-the-art textures for eyes, cheeks and lips.
Cheeks are sculpted to new heights by complexion-enhancing hues from light caramel to espresso. Lids shimmer with shades of iridescent white, rose gold, and deep indigo, while lips go matte in saturated tones of garnet and Bordeaux. New Velvet Eyeliners add rich dimension with pigments that glide on smooth and blend evenly, creating the perfect base for smoky lids or a fine line for a bold look.

This year Fall collection promises to be a fun ride for NARS lovers…
Not exaggerating, but I pretty much die every-time I see a NARS product at SEPHORA ! So when I received the new NARS Fall 2016 Collection I couldn’t handle myself, my mind nearly exploded. 😄

I absolutely love fall makeup trends bold , sultry & cheerful. Im so much excited to try this collection and LOVE how playful , yet autumnal, this collection looks.

Lets have a Look:

Dual Intensity Eyeshadow
 Shade : ANTARES

Best describe as white gold ,If you’re looking for a iridescent white gold eye-shadow then this is it ,
A multitasking eye-shadow that works great for Eyelids / Inner-corners / underneath your brows &

I love using ANTARES to highlight my face when I’m in a hurry because I can just dab it on with my finger.
YES it works great as a highlighter for your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, and other high points of your face.

Its applies smoothly very highly pigmented with silky texture
And Blends effortlessly , amazing right ?
The shine & shimmer is insane (wet or dry)

*I prefer using my fingers because its the best & easiest way to apply metallic eyeshadows and get the most of shine with less fall out

Velvet Matte Lip Pencil :

Infatuated red is a perfect garnet red color that we all need for the Fall/Holiday pout.
They are also super creamy and Glids right onto the lip without any fuss!

•Quick application
•Rich and matte
•smooth texture
•clean finish
•long lasting

Contour blush 
Shade : TALIA

If you’re a makeup junkie then you must have definitely heard about much raved Nars Laguna bronzer!!

Well someone is here to steal the show !!!
Talia has a beautiful shades to warm up your complexion and give some natural definition

•Caramel is nude peachy blush.This shade is the perfect everyday blush for lighter skin tones & it goes with any makeup
•Nutmeg is a perfect bronzy shade to contour DUH! That may suit fair-medium skin-tone.
Contour blush duo are highly pigmented and buttery smooth.
The soft satin texture blends into the skin for a silky finish.


Velvet Eyeliner 

The New Velvet Eyeliners comes in nine shades

As per the name , the texture is velvet smooth & soft , works well as an eyeshadow base/or smudged messy eye look or to line your lash and water line
Absolutely gorgeous!

Brow Defining Cream 
NARS Brow Defining Cream comes in 4 shades that suits for all.

Danakil Is perfect cool toned Dark! Dark! Dark brown Brow-cream for me that gives a bold yet natural look.

It does dries up pretty quickly while applying, so better start with small amount of product, We don’t want our brows to look patchy 😐 right ?!
Be careful with that..
Overall, A little bit goes a long way , and its definitely long lasting & water/sweat proof Brow Cream !! Big YAY.

Audacious Lipstick 

The best thing about the Nars lipsticks is that they are super intense and Very long wearing.
APOLINE is a beautiful pink-rosy shade that looks beautiful on every skintone!
Creamy satin finish , that wont settle on the fine lines of your lips,
img_7609-1Its super opaque and trust me you just need ONE SWIPE of it and your ready to conquer the world !!!

Thankyou NARS François for making this amazing audacious Lipstick i already fell head over heels for this ❤️

FALL ‘ 16 COLLECTIONS available in stores now

  • Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow, AED 145 
    Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow Antares, Iridescent white gold
    Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow Rigel, Shimmering rose gold
    Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow Arcturus, Shimmering deep indigo
  • Velvet Matte Lip Pencil, AED 130
    Velvet Matte Lip Pencil Infatuated Red, Garnet – Limited Edition
    Velvet Matte Lip Pencil Consuming Red, Bordeaux
  • Contour Blush, AED 219
    Contour Blush Melina, Left Side: Café au lait; Right Side: Espresso
    Contour Blush Talia, Left Side: Light caramel; Right Side: Nutmeg
  • Velvet Eyeliner, AED 120
    Black Moon, Black ,
    Mambo, Rich Hazelnut ,Curaçao, Turquoise Blue , Kalisté, Teal London, Stormy Grey,Blue Lotus, Periwinkle,Last Frontier, Espresso,Las Pozas, White Pearl,Darklight, Navy
  • Audacious Mascara – AED 150
  • Unrestricted Eyeliner Stylos – Limited Edition – AED 135
  • Brow Defining Cream – AED 115
    Sonoran, blonde
    El Djouf, light Brown
    Tanami, auburn
    Danakil, dark Brown
  • Audacious Lipstick – AED 160 
    Apoline, pink rose
    Shirley, red crimson
    Stefania, deep fuchsia
    Kate, purple orchid
    Mona, mahogany

    What do you guys think about NARS’16 Fall collection 😉 ?
    Much Love
    Zeee 💋 



MakeupForever  Excessive Lash Arresting Volume Mascara

MakeupForever Excessive Lash Aressting Voulume Mascara  creates long lasting panoramic volume that fans out for a truly dramatic, eye-opening effect. The no-smudge formula builds this intense lash look, while the exclusive slim double-fiber brush works to load from root to tip and ensure absolutely no clumps.

Instagram : @glamzeee


Good mascara’s are easily available in the market nowadays – from good pocket friendly to high-end, they have it all !!
It’s quite difficult to chose one favorite mascara that will never let you down , but I think I found one for myself 😉

MAKE UP FOR EVER Excessive Lash  Mascara is an incredible addition to their mascara range.
So I thought to share my thoughts with my awesome followers ❤️

MAKEUPFOEVER often comes out with an innovative products/Launches. Professional brand with high-quality formula.
I can trust them blindly , without having any doubt!

It Adds length and volume without any clumps & Stays in place forever..
I’ve been using it on both top and bottom lashes and can proudly say that no other mascara has gotten a look in since I started using it

img_6607Super duper black and will not flake. Use it on bottom lashes and see the magic
The formula is just so perfect not too wet not too dry ( very lightweight on lashes)
As i said its very long lasting panoramic volume that fans out lashes for a dramatic and eye-opening effect

This mascara works like a magic wand on your eyes

Exesive lash mascara is my new HG
as some of you might already know that I’m a mascara snob, & Honestly I can ‘t leave the house without it now🙈

It :-lifts, curls, separates, adds volume and length. 

Pretty much everything your looking for 😉
And it can be easily removed with makeup removing wipes without any hassle !!

Have you tried it yet ?? Do share your thoughts with me :*

Zeee ❤


Review : Micaroon INK collection

 Micaroon INK Collection 

Liquid lipsticks now days are everything ,almost every cosmetics company has launched their own version of matte liquid lipstick,Lets Have a look and see what MICAROON have for us 😉

This beautiful INK collection is nothing short of a tattoo! With a non-drying feel, these extremely well pigmented shades are long lasting and feel very smooth on the lips. Here is a glimpse to describe these gorgeous, sultry colors of our ultra mattes.
These are also mousse-y in texture & dries fully velvety matte.
Super comfortable to wear and available for an incredible price

There are 6 shades and my top 3 favorites are VIP/ Ai and Brunch ,


Candy looks adorbs but tends to come off patchy. I had to apply a couple of coats, where the other lip colors only needed one.
CANDY is the lightest shade, best described as neon Barbie pink , I did love this color a lot though But didn’t go well with my skin tone it will look much better for pale or fair skin tone (if you have a dry, chapped lips, it will emphasize them a lot so it is best to prep the lips first)


88 is a slightly cool-toned, bright orchid shade, playful yet subtle for daily wear


VIP is a mauvey pink shade , that is perfect for everyday wear! It complements my medium skin tone well, and if I have to recommend only one shade, then girl this is it!


Dolce vita is a bright pinky coral shade great for summery day time look

Ai is a perfect red pout that you need Definitely worth buying especially if you love the classic red look

Brunch is a deep reddish plum . OMG, this shade is to die for! This is a perfect shade if you want to feel vampy or bold. This definitely suits all skin tones! And great for fall / winter

Overall I love this ink collection by micaroon
•Mousey formula
•Dries immediately –
•Velvet matte finish –
(dry but comfortable formula)
•no scent –
•Build able
•easy to touch up

The price just puts it over the top as the best option.
Price : 59 AED/each 
Available – The Dubai Mall 
shop online :- 

Madlashes Gift Box by MadCosmetics 

MadLashes Gift Box


Madcosmetics is brand established to bring you unique cosmetics at affordable prices. After an in depth research on today’s demands in the world of cosmetics we bring you products which completes your cosmetics wardrobe and gives you that extra edge over the others.

• Invisible band tying the individual hairs together;
• All of Mad Lashes are Hand-Made to perfection;
• Made out of 100% natural human hair;
• Affordable pricing at 30% lower than the leading competitor; and
• Unique branding which appeals to young Arab girls.

Madlashes gift box set contains 11 pairs of Madlashes and one Madlashes glue
Styles :












Madlashes gift box, the incredible lashes range features completely hand-made lashes made from natural human and mink hair.

The lashes are sold both in individual pairs & as a gift box , which is such a great idea for gifting to any girl who loves the lash Game ❤️

From creating a glamorous, cat-eye effect to fluttery flirty and natural effect, this box has it all.

They also photograph wonderfully and are apparently so high quality that they can be reused more then 25 times . wow right ?

MADCOSMETICS is now Exclusively available at ParisGallery



Review : M.A.C MatchMaster Shade Intelligence compact.

The new Mac MatchMaster Shade intelligence Compact foundation dropped in stores in May

Comes in 12 different shades,(mostly warm shades)

Its innovative cushion and sheer liquid formula lends true-to-life shade perfection and coverage, while letting your natural skin show through. A cutting-edge delivery system allows the formula to be released in a superfine layer, providing a natural finish and sheer to medium buildable coverage. Launching with a spectrum of 12 light to deep dark shades.

The fascinating thing about the Cushion foundations is they are simply compact that come with a cushion applicator and a porous sponge saturated in liquid foundation.It’s designed to help make the application more even, to speed up the makeup process, and to allow for easy touch up on the go.

Packaging : 

The pact is slightly bulky because it contains the cushion and the puff! the puff is designed to be non-absorbent & to be carried around without worrying about getting the liquid
product everywhere.

Application : 

its easy and quick makeup application,you don’t need any extra tools or skills, all you need is your fingers or the applicator and pat away to get the most beautiful finish and glow. *the patting motion helps to create a flawless finish & the good thing about puff on cushion is that it allows for a very even distribution of product.

Coverage : 

I would say that you could build it to medium coverage before it looks cakey. 
After it sets, the foundation has a natural almost semi matte finish.


Mac matchmaster would be great for those who prefer a more natural finish if they have the right shade.

*{{5.0 is 2-3 shade darker on me, however I managed by using lighter M.A.C concealer }}}

I think normal to combination skin will appreciate this most! Oily skin will definitely have to set with powder and blot throughout the day, As it may transfer 🙈 & we don’t want that right ?

•flawless &semi matte finish.
•fuss free and very beginner friendly.
•travel friendly.
Also, I pray for a long wear formula that is good for hot/ humid weathers.

Have you tried any cushion foundation before? do you like them ??

Zeee 💋