Laura Mercier SS’15 – Review/Swatches

Hey Glamies

I am absolutely bowled over by this beautifully simple yet impactful ss15 collection by Laura mercier 

Foundation :

Laura mercier is well known for her “Flawless Face” concept 

I was glad to try her Silk Crème moisturizing Photo Edition foundation

These days my face needs more than sheer coverage. I have some acne scars and areas where  I need medium to full coverage, but I still want something that looks natural. The new Photo edition foundation  offers medium to full coverage that looks like skin.

It blends in flawlessly with my skin. It has a thin fluid texture but isn’t too runny as long as you shake the tube properly before use. It easily covers dark spots and uneven areas quite well while still looking natural and luminous,

I’ve been using the fingers to apply or a damp sponge and the coverage is quite nice,it photographs well with a flash too

Lasting power is quite good when set with the Translucent powder, I was able to get 10 to 12 hours of wear

Highlighter :

When it comes to highlighters, I’ve traditionally been very open to all intensities of shimmer and frost.
The Texture is just divine,Its buttery smooth with a finely milled finish. It blends naturally with my skin and to give a gentle glow.

The luxurious rose gold highlighter has the most beautiful  embossed pattern  . You can use it on your cheek or brow bones, the bridge of your nose, collarbone, temples,anywhere you want a subtle gold shimmer highlight. Just use it sparingly for best results!
You guys , if u see this … Grab it immediately!!

Paint wash liquid lip color :

I’m not usually a fan of lip gloss but these babies are something new  , they are demi matte / creamy

Kinda liquid lipstick, highly HIGHLY pigmented…..

Those who are looking for a slightly glossy liquid lipstick will love these. They have a texture similar to that of a liquid lipstick but have a non-drying feel

*Adding more swipes will intensify the color.
All are variations of bright summery colors but still very wearable (even for neutral lip lovers)

Lipstick :
The eight new shades include Lychee Parfait, Rose, Audrey, Crushed Pecan, Milky Way, Praline Cream, Dry Rose and Biscotti.

There’s a hint of peach and Nude in the base to prevent it from looking too pale. BISCOTTI AND ROSE both are neutral enough for my comfort yet have enough color to brighten the face

ROSE is a bright healthy pink on the lips.
they do look flawless on the lips and require no extra tweaking (always a plus).

DRY ROSE is a soft Cranberry color which will rock your lips this spring/summer,
a quick pop of color without trying too hard !!

 Formula is super Moisturizing with a slight glossy finish.

The colors are fresh and brightening and the options this spring are great for both neutral and bright-color lovers alike.

Overall: LOVE! Healthy colors that are fresh  and yet classy & flattering to the skin in a natural way that brightens the complexion.

Do check the Spring/Summer 2015 collection
Available at Areej (UAE)



PR Sample{s} sent for review !! However my opinions will remain 100% honest 🙂I hope you find my reviews helpful, detailed and honest !!



How I use Coconut oil in my Beauty Routine 

Hey Beautiful  girls,

I hope you all are shining😍

First of all, so SORRY for being MIA I’ve been so busy & ( lazy )  for the past couple of weeks & but now im back with another  post ! Yay

(There are so many websites / blogs that can give you a zillion uses for coconut oil, but I want share with you my personal uses. I religiously use coconut oil and  it works for me )

Im an Oil LOVER , 😍 I spent a lot of time (and $$$) trying out different products, figuring out what would make my skin return to its state of glowing bliss. But Oil’s never disappoint me !! Its the best head to toe treatment &  definitely my HG product that i can’t leave without ❤️

Here are some of my daily uses of – coconut oil

Massage : Vigorously rub the oil between my palms to warm it up. Gently apply the oil to my face in a circular motion. ( not  rubbing it too hard) for 30-60 seconds. It will make your skin soft and reduce the appearance of wrinkles

Hair oil : Are you looking for shiny,healthy,long hair ?? Then Coconut oil is for you , apply a little amount of oil 1 hour before shampooing (daily) !! And see the difference by yourself

Makeup remover: Its gentle on skin and natural ❤️I use a cotton ball and a little coconut oil to remove it. Works better than anything else, hands down.

Body lotion: After the shower, I rub coconut oil all over my body— it feels and smells amazing😍

Mouthwash : oil pulling the latest craze, The benefits are outstanding :

(-Whiter teeth –Cavity and gingivitis prevention -Better breath (halitosis suffers also reported greatly improved morning breath) -Stronger teeth and gums – Less jaw pain (TMJ sufferers noted great improvement), sleep problems and sinus issues – Alleviation of headaches, hangovers and skin issues (reports have shown improvement in acne, psoriasis and eczema) Its known for it strong antibacterial properties)

How to use : its very easy take a tablespoon of coconut oil and swish it around your mouth for 20 minutes.after 20 minutes spit the oil up!

Moisturize : I always apply oil(s) after the skin has been freshly washed or splashed with water,I would choose oil instead of a moisturizer to calm, hydrate and rejuvenate the skin faster and without possible irritation. 

*I recommend to use extra virgin / organic coconut oil to see more difference

Coconut oil – It’s been around for centuries and has become increasingly more mainstream these days! What about you ?How do you care for your skin??


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Inglot : Fall In Love Collection

Hey loves 💋 I hope you all are shinning

Inglot has launched their new collection in January  – FALL IN LOVE

The collection includes
Five EARTHY and
Shimmery metallic eyeshadows , along with five metallic AMC Eyeliner Gels and five Nail Enamels.complete the collection for a timelessly sophisticated look that is absolutely beautiful. 

Take A look !!! 😉

It’s hard to choose one favorite , because the entire collection is fantastic…
But here’s what I got 😍:
Fall in Love eyeshadow – #156
A beautiful bronzy rose gold 😍
Fall in Love eyeshadow – #159
 I’m in love with this gorgeous metallic blue color 😍
AMC eyeliner gel – #99
 A perfect blue gel / for waterline and lower-lash line. (
Nail enamel- #299
Very Sparkly blue nailpolish
All INGLOT Freedom System Products come in eco-friendly reusable palettes
Overall, Eyeshadows are very well pigmented 😍 blends smoothly,
Ingot Eyeliner gel is my most favorite product it can be used as eyeshadow base too.Last but not  the least 
Nail enamel is perfect eye catchy polish which every girl should own 😘
Do let me know your thoughts on it !
Stay tuned -soon I will be posting mini review on Inglot “Duraline”
The INGLOT ‘Fall In Love’ Collection is available at Inglot stores
Lots of love

NYX Highlight & Contour – Review / Swatches.

Nyx cosmetics surprised us with their amazing highlight & contour palette ,

Im already blooming  over this stunning palette 😛

Product detail :

 Define your features like a pro with NYX Cosmetics refillable Highlight & Contour Pro Palette! Each set includes four customizable highlighting and contouring shades perfect for emphasizing your favorite features.
My thoughts-
Packaging: sleek , travel friendly,

Its Removable and refillable pan -which is great 👍
Hands down, this product is WORTH IT. …  
 I use this almost every day now for a little face boost, 
natural to glam look .. Its just perfect👍
A combination of luxurious matte,satin and one shimmery  powder …All the shades in the palette are well-pigmented, blends flawlessly , and have awestruck  lasting power. 
These powders are SUPER pigmented so use a light hand,
My most favorite and most used is the yellow powder ,it can be used as a an undereye setting powder, (depending on your skintone 👍)
Highlighting Shades


Contouring Shades
I totally recommend this palette, because it’s a full set for your face (contains finish powder, colors for highlighting & contouring)
Im All set for some serious Kim Kardashian contour 😋
 Ratings : 5/5
Purchased from –
– 139 AED 
So what are your thoughts on this contour palette?