Fragrance of the week : Angel Schlesser Femme

Hey dolls ☺️

Are you On the hunt for a scent that’s playful yet classy?

Here’s my weekly pick,💖



“ANGEL SCHLESSER FEMME EAU DE TOILETTE is a fresh, spicy, transparent, luminous fragrance. Pleasant and comfortable, with a long-lasting personality, it is part of the citrus-aromatic-spicy family,

New ANGEL SCHLESSER FEMME EAU DE PARFUM is based on the original olfactory composition. It shares the same fresh, transparent spirit, but with more sensual, warmer notes.
To celebrate 15 years of ANGEL SCHLESSER FEMME, which was launched as a fresh yet long-lasting Eau de Toilette, a new, stronger, more sensual Eau de Parfum, version has been created. ANGEL SCHLESSER FEMME EAU DE PARFUM”

Top Notes : Sparkling freshness of bergamot and mandarin, which contrast with the spicy warmth of pepper.

Heart Notes : Jasmine petals and the mystery and delicacy of violets. Exotic ginger completes this harmonious combination.

Base Notes : Tonka beans, musk and amber add seductive notes and feminine charm.

My Thoughts:

Packing : A beautifully feminine pearly matte white glass bottle, embossed with gold lettering

This is definitely one of my go-to perfumes when I am really looking for something unique and different to wear. It’s Romantic & seductive scent It’s slightly sweet and floral it smells gorgeous,this fragrance note that makes it totally attractive;

This is a bewitching scent that I think that everyone should try at least once.

What could be better than a fragrance that leaves you feeling flirty and energetic? completely swoon-worthy.

Great for warmer weather. (Day & Night)
Staying Power : 6-5 hours
Ratings : 5/5
100 ML- 280 AED

Much Love
Zeee💋 ☺️

KOKO Nail Polishes: Cozy Comfort Collection-swatches

Hey Glamies ,

I’m super excited to share my first ever nail polish review & swatches on my blog today 😍

I love love love to paint my nails , it’s an instant mood lifter , it makes me feel fabulous & good about myself when people compliment my nails❤️

“Be-Connected” team was super sweet enough to send me their KOKO nail polishes (cozy comfort collection) 🎀

( cozy comfort collection 💅)
KOKO is a state-of-the-art formula that strengthens and moisturizes nails as it delivers long-wearing, high shine, chip resistant color to any nail lover and a greater promise to any professional in the nail industry.

KOKO nail is streak free with its special formulation to give the GEL look finish in one coat.

My thoughts:

I had a lot of fun playing with these new colors.
I have to say that I’m impressed with the control I have with these gorgeous polishes. The brush allows easy control and polish flow..

Here are the swatches —

KOKO NAIL POLISH : Warm Muffin 385


KOKO NAILPOLISH : Fallen Leaves 388

KOKO NAILPOLSH : PepperMint 389

KOKO NAILPOLISH : Worn Denim 383


Velvet powder :
Midnight blue color ,It looks more royal in the bottle.
I’m always looking for something a bit different for my nails , There’s a bit of a novelty to having furry velvety nails.

Caviar beads:
it is definitely a special effects on my nails 😍 application is easy by sprinkling the beads onto wet polish.I don’t wanted them on all my nails at once but as a ring finger accent it looks fabbb 😎

Glitter sequins :
very pretty pink
This is so pretty. You literally just tap on it. Press it down gently , and your nails are ready to look glam instantly 😍

OverAll, I’m in Love with KoKo nail polishes ,The formula is smooth, The pigmentation is great, All colors give full coverage in two coats ,
I have been so into all the Koko nail polishes, I can’t pick only one favorite 😍 b’coz I love all of em…

KOKO nail-polishes are available at Be Connected International (DUBAI)
Shop online at :
Follow them on instagram – @kokonailpolish

Let me know what you think ladies!

zeee 💋

Valentine’s day makeup look

Hi dollies 💋

So Valentine’s Day is almost around the corner 😍 & its time to get ready for your boo😘 even if you are alone / single , not a biggy.. Loving yourself is Important .. So start by pampering yourself & look gorgeous 💋 we definitely need some serious pout going on for “Love day”😎

Whenever we hear the words “Valentine’s Day makeup,” I’m pretty sure red lipstick is the first thing which pops out of our mind 😍

Red the color of love ❤️ will be surrounded everywhere so why not on our lips and Nails too ? 😉


A simple eyelook with a Red Pout 💋 is all we need here

smokey winged eye make up is perfect for a date night, or girls night
I used the darkest matte black eyeshadow to blend my winged liner and pink and purple on my lower lashes , Love this baby palette . Easy to carry & Pigmented..its wow 😍

Lashes : ardell DW
Mascara : Micaroons mascara in black

Oh this color is beautiful.
The formula is incredible too , its creamy rich satin .. with instant moisture and incredible comfort wear that lasts 😍 good for valentines day night makeup

I’ll use the same wojooh lipstick as my blush so Smile and dab a few dots on the apple of your cheeks and blend ❤️

A perfect RED nails ,just take a deep breath and apply wow by Wojooh “Breathe In” nailpolish in 422 RED PRIDE. It gives your nails a luxurious touch!

So, are we ready to b “WoW”

Winged liner : checked✔️
Fluttery lashes : checked ✔️
Red pout : checked ✔️
Blush : checked ✔️
Red nails : checked ✔️
Selfie : super checked ✔️

I love wojooh Makeup,great formulas, beautiful packaging, nuanced shades and really fun names. I’m hooked.

Do share your Valentines Day makeup Look with me on instagram by using the hashtag :- #GlamZeee 💋

Wallah, we r done glamies
Spread Love ,
& enjoy your Love day 💋

Fragrance of the week : Roberto Cavalli Paradiso

My Love for Roberto Cavalli is going crazy & Absolutely honored to be a part of the RC Paradiso launch event 😍
Here’s a short review on my New Fav – ( Launching soon )

Description :
*The new fragrance is a refined, carnal, sensual and very feminine, but also relaxed and carefree holiday scent. It is designed to highlight the natural charm of women and to help women feel attractive. The fragrance was created by Louise turner

Paradiso is described as floral – woody fragrance of the Mediterranean
Top notes : citrus,bergamot,mandarin
Heart notes : jasmine
Base notes : pine tree ,cypress, pink laurel.

My thoughts-
Packaging: so glamorous,😍beautiful enough to bring people to try it on!

its Gorgeous fresh floral lush jasmine.The delicious jasmine is powerful at first and almost sharp, but it quickly settles and the citrusy notes come out. As it dries down the jasmine is even more sweet, and blends nice with the sweet citrusy notes. Definitely attention grabbing 😍

 Over all, I cant stop sniffing my’s a great fresh-woody scent ! Defiantly,I recommend you guys to try it at least once😘

Great for warmer weather. (Day & Night)
Staying Power : 4-5 hours
Ratings : 4.5/5

Do let me know your thoughts On Roberto Cavalli Paradiso , once you grab it 😘

RC Paradiso is available as 30, 50 and 75 ml Eau de Parfum. Coming soon at Wojooh store from February 15 onwards

C’ya guys on my next post ❤️
Lots of love

January favourites ❤️

Hello Darlings …
Welcome to another monthly favorite post!!

 Why the time is flying by so fast 😐 its so crazy , sometimes i wish there was a pause button for time , so that I could buy more beauty products 😍 LOL

So here are few beauty products that I mainly Used for the whole month of My Glamorous January 😘

Makeup / Beauty

Sk glitter in Ice Gold
Do you like glitter? I Love it actually…It can easily take a smokey eye from ordinary to glamorous, this glitter is beyond amazing 😍 the size compared to price- gives you more for your money vs MAC.

Sk foundation wheel RFW
For the price, it’s one of the best cream foundations that I have come blends like butter 😍 works wow for dry skin too.. With full proof coverage 😍

Sephora lipstick in 03
I love how I can flaunt an in-your-face pout with this. Gotta say I’m super impressed! Love the texture too.

Nail polish : Inglot -229
I’m all over this color, . I don’t know why I love blue polishes so much but I do.

Skincare :

Neautrogena wipes

Since I’ve been wearing more makeup than usual lately ,and this stuff works wonderful They are so easy to use and literally remove every trace of makeup including waterproof mascara 😍

Soframycin skin cream
HG ointment for pimples 👍 I have been breaking out bad last month for some unknown reason and this buddy helped me alot, The cream is very effective and heals the wound in just 3-4 days if use on a regularbasis.

Witch hazel toner
 I am truly in love with this toner. It unclogs pores and keeps my skin clear. Also helps soothe my skin when it gets red .. And it Alcohol free .. Ahhhh-mazing👍

Kheils vitamins c serum

I absolutely love this serum. I have been using it for the last 3 months now and can see a marked improvement on my skin. I have pretty deep lines on my forehead, but these have reduced since I started using it. I apply every morning before my moisturiser, and night too , bit expensive but do give it a try by asking for samples❤️ it’s pretty cool stuff 👍

Lush cupcake


Ah, do i have any word left to express my love for this cupcake ?? ❤️❤️ yummm… ( click here to read my review on LUSH CUPCAKE )

Versace yellow diamond intense
It’s sexy, it’s flirty, it’s AMAZING! A deep fruity floral scent which I’m totally digging these days.

What were your January favourites??