Fragrance of the week : Roberto Cavalli Paradiso

My Love for Roberto Cavalli is going crazy & Absolutely honored to be a part of the RC Paradiso launch event 😍
Here’s a short review on my New Fav – ( Launching soon )

Description :
*The new fragrance is a refined, carnal, sensual and very feminine, but also relaxed and carefree holiday scent. It is designed to highlight the natural charm of women and to help women feel attractive. The fragrance was created by Louise turner

Paradiso is described as floral – woody fragrance of the Mediterranean
Top notes : citrus,bergamot,mandarin
Heart notes : jasmine
Base notes : pine tree ,cypress, pink laurel.

My thoughts-
Packaging: so glamorous,😍beautiful enough to bring people to try it on!

its Gorgeous fresh floral lush jasmine.The delicious jasmine is powerful at first and almost sharp, but it quickly settles and the citrusy notes come out. As it dries down the jasmine is even more sweet, and blends nice with the sweet citrusy notes. Definitely attention grabbing 😍

 Over all, I cant stop sniffing my’s a great fresh-woody scent ! Defiantly,I recommend you guys to try it at least once😘

Great for warmer weather. (Day & Night)
Staying Power : 4-5 hours
Ratings : 4.5/5

Do let me know your thoughts On Roberto Cavalli Paradiso , once you grab it 😘

RC Paradiso is available as 30, 50 and 75 ml Eau de Parfum. Coming soon at Wojooh store from February 15 onwards

C’ya guys on my next post ❤️
Lots of love

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