Valentine’s day makeup look

Hi dollies 💋

So Valentine’s Day is almost around the corner 😍 & its time to get ready for your boo😘 even if you are alone / single , not a biggy.. Loving yourself is Important .. So start by pampering yourself & look gorgeous 💋 we definitely need some serious pout going on for “Love day”😎

Whenever we hear the words “Valentine’s Day makeup,” I’m pretty sure red lipstick is the first thing which pops out of our mind 😍

Red the color of love ❤️ will be surrounded everywhere so why not on our lips and Nails too ? 😉


A simple eyelook with a Red Pout 💋 is all we need here

smokey winged eye make up is perfect for a date night, or girls night
I used the darkest matte black eyeshadow to blend my winged liner and pink and purple on my lower lashes , Love this baby palette . Easy to carry & Pigmented..its wow 😍

Lashes : ardell DW
Mascara : Micaroons mascara in black

Oh this color is beautiful.
The formula is incredible too , its creamy rich satin .. with instant moisture and incredible comfort wear that lasts 😍 good for valentines day night makeup

I’ll use the same wojooh lipstick as my blush so Smile and dab a few dots on the apple of your cheeks and blend ❤️

A perfect RED nails ,just take a deep breath and apply wow by Wojooh “Breathe In” nailpolish in 422 RED PRIDE. It gives your nails a luxurious touch!

So, are we ready to b “WoW”

Winged liner : checked✔️
Fluttery lashes : checked ✔️
Red pout : checked ✔️
Blush : checked ✔️
Red nails : checked ✔️
Selfie : super checked ✔️

I love wojooh Makeup,great formulas, beautiful packaging, nuanced shades and really fun names. I’m hooked.

Do share your Valentines Day makeup Look with me on instagram by using the hashtag :- #GlamZeee 💋

Wallah, we r done glamies
Spread Love ,
& enjoy your Love day 💋