My experience with LVL lash treatment

Hello My Lovelies ,

Wish you all a Very Happy New YEAR ❤️

We all see gorgeous girls around with beautiful long natrual lashes wondering how on earth they got it like that!?? Right ??

Well, we have the answer now –
Lvl is a lash treatment that gives you the look of longer lashes without applying any false lashes / extensions

The perfect treatment for ladies who love the idea of thick, fluttering lashes without the effort of extensions that
will have everyone wondering…what’s her secret?
Standing for Length, Volume & Lift, LVL is the latest treatment trend that will give your lashes some
serious oomph, by lifting at the root to create the effect of a longer, thicker flutter. The treatment involves
a ‘Lifting Balm’ that is gently applied followed by a tint and moisturising serum to lock in moisture and instantly nourish. Close your eyes and drift off into lash-heaven whilst our talented technicians go to work,you can rest easy knowing that you are one step closer to gorgeous natural lashes.
With absolutely no maintenance, this fuss-free treatment gives you the perfect party look that can last up to two months. Kiss mascara goodbye and have your no-makeup days looking better than ever. LVL Lashes are available across all branches for an introductory price of AED300 “”

My experience with LVL LASH TREATMENT was amazing..

Before I had the LVL treatment done, I had very short, straight eyelashes (not at all attractive)I can barely see it..

This treatment is a life and time saver for ladies like me , who want to wake up looking beautiful and save that extra minutes for curling/mascara & applying false lashes !!

Analyn technician from Tips & Toes(golden mile branch) did an amazing job
Session took around 45 minutes and I was so relaxed that nearly fall a sleep.

Absolutely love it, Now my own eyelashes are much longer, thicker , darker and curlier. & no longer have to worry about using mascara for my natural makeup looks
Tips & toes is one of my favorite salon in UAE .For nails, treatments and lash extensions.. I must say they are very professional & amazing..

I highly recommend LVL treatment if you want you own lashes to work for you !

So light and natural, simply brilliant that lasts up to 6-8 weeks

For the first 24 hours you’ve to be careful
And not allow the water to come in contact with lashes.
No – eye makeup
No – steam/sauna or swimming
& Do not rub your eyes

Price 300 aed
Location : Tips & Toes Golden Mile Branch

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