Maria Zheleznova Illustrations

Hey Guys!!

Okay I know what you’re thinking by the topic .I am writing a review on Maria Zheleznova illustration:)

I just can’t believe how talented Maria is,Once I saw her creativity I was amazed by her work and I followed her on instagram without even realizing it!
Her art is simply amazing….

The illustrations are so detailed that you can look at them multiple times,
And i cant believe it how beautifully she drew me out ❤️ as you can see below :-


Turning Fashion into Art Pieces with Maria Zheleznova

Fashion provides each one of us an avenue to express selves. Fashion designers express themselves through creating of pieces that change the face of style; fashion stylists use it toexpress their curative skills, while fashionistas use it to express their personalities.


One Dubai resident is however using fashion in a completely different way. Maria Zheleznova uses fashion to inspire her art.

“My art is about gut feeling, personality and energy. My fashion illustrations focus on the emotion of the subject which I depict through my choice of colors, strokes or even medium; ranging from pencil or pen to watercolorsfashion illustrations. Says Maria Zheleznova.

Maria has illustrated several UAE fashionistas in her growing collection of fashion art.


Two times a week, Maria Zheleznova also brings together a small group of first-time painters for a coffee and painting session; and for two hours, she guides them as theyimmerse themselves in the relaxing world of watercolor paintings.

“Everyone can paint; they just don’t know it yet.” is Maria’s Mantra.


“Watercolors offer a lot of room forimprovisation. They are bright and unpredictable making them the perfect medium to transmit emotions. When I paint I allow the colors to lead me and sometimes the final product surprises me as well.” She adds.

To view more of Maria’s work, check out her Instagram on @mariazofficial or join one of her art escape sessions via @art_escape_UAE.

About Maria Zheleznova:

Maria’s showed an interest in art at the tender age of two; she was taking art classes by the time she was five and won her first national art competition at seven. Maria then spent ten years under the mentorship of Honored Cultural Worker of the RSFSR and great artist Svetlana Lopaeva and was later on awarded a scholarship to study fashion design at State Vladivostok University of Service and Economics where she graduated with Honors. During her years in University, Maria won 15 international fashion and art contests in China, Japan, Belgium, USAand Russia.

Maria has also created illustrations for the “Phoenix” rebirth game created by famous coach and psychologist, Lilia Koch. She also drew illustrations for Lilia Koch’s book “100 Days Between Life And Death”.

Maria’s work radiates a positive energy as she focuses on fashion, fairytales, festival costumes and sweets.

If you love fashion, decor or art, maria paintings would make a great present for anyone special or yourself

Do check her out and let me know what you think 🙂

Maria’s Instagram Account :

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